Global Diversity

Inclusion at Fiat Group inspires a company culture where every individual is encouraged to reach his or her full potential by leveraging and celebrating uniqueness.


An organization differentiated by gender, ethnicity and culture is considered a distinct advantage for business competitiveness, and represents a promise for challenging working experiences and opportunities. Diversity is a critical enabler to being a successful global company. To this end, the Group seeks to foster a work environment in which employees feel respected, valued, and included, and is committed to attracting a diverse, highly motivated and innovative global workforce.




Fiat Group rejects discrimination, particularly discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and health conditions, disability, age, nationality, religion or personal beliefs.


The Fiat S.p.A. Code of Conduct formalizes the Group’s commitment to offer all employees equal opportunities in every aspect of the employment relationship, including recruitment, training, compensation, promotion, transfer and departure.


Enabling career opportunity and advancement that is free from discrimination, respecting and enhancing diversity, are among the commitments highlighted in the Fiat S.p.A. Human Capital Management Guidelines and Human Rights Guidelines.


Due to Fiat Group’s global presence, there may be significant differences in legislation among countries where the Group is present, as well as different levels of employee awareness, concern and capability in applying the principles of non-discrimination. The company Code of Conduct and specific guidelines aim to ensure that the same standards are applied worldwide.

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